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We would like to express a heartfelt thank you for your interest in our companies and for taking the time to go through our application process. As we value strong, constructive business relationships we developed the following registration process in order to ensure our future collaboration utilizes the full extent of your expertise.


We offer interesting and challenging jobs serving an international client base focused on the global market. Therefore, we are looking for three categories of talented linguists worldwide.




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We are looking for freelance Translators who are specialized in legal, financial and marketing translation, who are experts in their industry and possess a comprehensive knowledge of the industry’s current terminology.


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We are looking for freelance Interpreters who are experts in interpreting simultaneously, consecutively, or court certified to assist our clients crossing language barriers and supporting them in international negotiations.

Local Xpert

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We are looking for Local Expert Advisors who are knowledgeable in local customs, economy and business culture of their country to provide our clients with cross-cultural support, advice and insights during international meetings, negotiations or social events.

Other interesting career opportunities for other skill sets within our organization:

Business Development | Account Management:

- Business Development Germany : – Click Here

- Business Development Canada : – Click Here

- Business Development USA Legal | Financial Sector : – Click Here


Desktop Publishing – Design

- Level 1 designer – Indesign, QuarkXpress specialization – filled
- Level 1 Web Designer Typo3 and WP Experience required

Technology – Engineering:



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